Cheri Wenger Design Photography | The Process

Capturing Images; Creating Memories 

...isn’t that what photography is all about?

The key component to getting a great picture is finding the photographer that is right for you. 


There is more to choosing a photographer than pricing. It is important to look at a photographer’s style and creative vision.

Do their photos tell a story?    Create an emotional response?    Capture the look you are after?

Do the photos represent the real person or are they beautifully retouched images, not necessarily looking very natural?


I can, and often do photo retouching while editing your photo session images, however, I want your portrait images to truly reflect you

in your most beautiful light, rather than an over-retouched glamorous, faux representation of yourself. This can be achieved

through the right camera angles, beautiful lighting, editing and artistic techniques, if needed. My full and mini sessions offer a fun,

relaxed and often playful experience of picture taking where you get to feel like a model without having to know how to be one.


This process starts with a call to discuss your needs, expectations and available dates. I can provide you with pricing
information, tips for a successful photo shoot, props and other creative ideas as well as discussing who will be in the
photos, what location(s) you have in mind and where those shots should be taken. Building a relationship is key to building trust

and getting great photographic results, so it is important to find out if I am the right photographer for your portrait needs.


The process is pretty simple; it begins with a call...