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Beth Blanc(non-registered)
Cheri - I just had a chance to take a look at your new website and I'm really blown away!! You have many talents as a Graphic Designer and Artist, but your love really comes through when you are behind the lens of a camera! Your shots are beautiful, they capture the best of the subjects you are photographing and the "feelings" associated which the people you are photographing (especially couples and families) shines right off the page of the print! Amazing!! THAT is a true gift!! <3 Keep on doing what your love - it definitely shows in your work!! ~Beth
Wowww dude.... Looking Great .... Keep it up!! Check my simple blog
Nancy Anthony(non-registered)
Cheri - what a talent you have - your pictures are beautiful! Good luck!
Aunt Carole - Uncle Stan(non-registered)
Cheri, your website looks great - its very professional.
I hope it helps you to get a great number of new clients.

God Bless,
Aunt Carole, Uncle Stan
Karen and Alyssa Johnson(non-registered)
We were here! Love the website, and all your photos!! :)
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